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Being an up &coming artist local artist can be a struggle endured by those who really have a dream above being considered just “ a local artist, but what if you’re going about it the wrong way? Inside The Industry Music Seminar will give you all the information you need to grow, connect, and be seen and heard as an artist Social media, streaming, satelite radio and fm radio are how you are going to get heard, but how do you take advantage of the opportunity are you taking advantage of it? Artist will have access to many local artists or DJs in the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh. This event is designed for every DJ and artist, in every genre in or around the city of Pittsburgh that wants to be the best. Panelist: Scott “Loody Boy” Woods- Taylor Gang A&R/ Da Light Show on Dash Radio NIgel McDaniels- WAMO 100.1 Future Flavor Host/New Wave Podcast Kiki Brown- The Beat 107.3 Midday Host/ Urban Media Today/Hey Girl Hey Podcast DJ GQ- Mix show/Freelance DJ DJ Ryan Wolf-Z107.9 Mix show DJ DJ J Dough- The Wiz 101.1 Mix Show DJ (Cincinatti) Boaz- Rapper, Rostrum Records **Live feature - One on One interview with special guest Shade 45’s DJ Superstar Jay**

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